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You need fast, engaging, and intuitive communication. In today’s digital world, that means assets that quickly convey your message to your target audience in a clear and memorable way.

Our professionals employ animation, video, programming, and amazing design to create the exacting digital assets you need. We don’t just follow orders; we will advise you, based on our 20 years of interactive innovation in the medical field.


Stunning 3D Animations

Realistic and captivating animation conveys your products and procedures with a commanding mind-share. We own the most realistic collection of anatomy and textures that, when combined with our talented team of professionals, allows us to offer the highest quality product possible for your budget.

Interactive Applications

iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and smartphones are some of the best ways to present your message right now. Award-winning applications, designed and programmed in-house, give you total control over presentation of your visual content.


Online e-Learning

Online training provides a real ROI for your salesforce, professionals, and patients. Our programmers work with our instructional designers to deliver dynamic, interactive, effective, and economical eLearning courseware and Learning Management environments. We develop the entire training system in-house and deploy to your LMS or create one for you.

Video Production

Video is an economical and effective means to convey your message. Our video producers will manage talent, scriptwriting, shooting, and editing to maximize your delivery on any platform. Use on web, smartphone, tablet, or good old television.

HTML 5 Development

Your web content is expertly designed using the full capability of HTML5 so that it can be viewed on any platform, any computer, any smartphone, or any tablet. Our designers and programmers provide interactivity, video, and even 3D 360° rotation. Specifically, delivery on an iPad or iPhone can utilize the inertial and directional sensors to provide striking interaction.

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